ZD.04.027 turbine cellulose precision filter element

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 ZD.04.027 turbine cellulose precision filter element

 The cellulose  precision filter element ZD.04.027 is used for the precision filter of the regeneration device of the turbine fire-resistant oil system. Its role is to intercept the particulate impurities and colloidal substances in the fire-resistant oil, maintain the cleanness of the fire-resistant oil, and extend the service life of the fire-resistant oil and equipment.

The cellulose  precision filter element ZD.04.027 adopts high-quality glass cellulose filter material, which has the advantages of wide filtering area, corrosion resistance, etc.

In the fire-resistant oil system of steam turbine in power plant, cellulose filter element ZD.04.027 is an important equipment used to maintain the quality of fire-resistant oil. It is generally used together with diatomite filter element, which can effectively improve the oil quality of fire resistant oil system and keep the acid value of fire resistant oil system in normal range.

ZD.04.027 turbine cellulose precision filter element

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