ZD.04.021 DDV valve EH Oil filter element

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 ZD.04.021 DDV valve EH Oil filter element

DDV valve EH Oil filter element ZD.04.021 is the filter element at the outlet of the filter of the fire resistant oil station, which is used to filter impurities generated by the fire resistant oil in the oil station during operation.

DDV valve EH Oil filter element ZD.04.021 is used to filter the metal particles and impurities in the oil in the system, maintain the cleanliness of the oil, and protect the normal operation of the equipment. When the oil enters the filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean oil is discharged from the filter outlet. The filter element has high concentricity, large bearing pressure and good straightness.

For hydraulic parts that are particularly sensitive to pollutants, such as slide valves and servo valves, to avoid the damage of pollutants, this high-precision filter element ZD.04.021 must be installed in the front of the system to filter impurities and solid particles in the fire-resistant oil to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness, which can effectively prevent the blockage of the servo valve, ensure the smooth operation of the servo valve, and extend its service life.

ZD.04.021 DDV valve EH Oil filter element

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