ZD.04.026 China Diatomite filter element

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 ZD.04.026 China Diatomite filter element

The Diatomite filter element ZD.04.026 is mainly used in fire resistant oil system of power plant to effectively control the acidity of oil. A highly permeable filter layer can be formed during use to intercept fine metal impurity particles.

The diatomite filter element ZD.04.026 is made of high-quality diatomite filter material, and the filter element material is made of high-quality stainless steel. 

Diatomite filter element ZD.04.026 has the characteristics of good deacidification effect and long service life. It is used in the oil filter of the EH oil system of the power plant to filter the metal impurities in the oil in the system, reduce the acid value, and adjust the acidity of the fire-resistant oil.

ZD.04.026 China Diatomite filter element

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