SCREW PUMP HSNH210-36N supply for power plant

Date:2021/3/2 11:07:22 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

  When the screw pump works, because the two driven screws and the driving screw are symmetrically meshed, the radial force acting on the driving screw is completely balanced, and the driving screw does not bear bending load. The radial force of the driven screw is supported by the pump cylinder bushing along its whole length, so there is no need to set another bearing at the outer end, and basically it does not bear bending load. In operation, a layer of oil film is formed between the outer surface of screw and the inner wall of pump cylinder, which can prevent the direct contact between metals and greatly reduce the wear of screw tooth surface.

Like other positive displacement pumps, when the discharge port of the pump is completely closed, the pressure in the pump will rise to the dangerous level of damaging the pump or overloading the motor. Therefore, in the pump suction outlet, it must be set up safety valve.
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