Steam Turbine using Z6206052 AST Solenoid Valve Coil

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 AST system is the automatic stop trip system in steam turbine control. In the AST solenoid valve, the control oil passes through an orifice inside the unloading valve and acts on the upper part of the cup-shaped slide valve of the unloading valve. The force of the control oil is combined with the spring force of the small spring inside the unloading valve to press the cup-shaped spool valve of the unloading valve on the valve seat, sealing the oil return channel at the bottom of the main valve engine cylinder.

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Proportional valve DHZO-TE-071-S5-40

SEAL KIT A-40/31.5-L-EH

pressure hose SMS-12/20-305mm-C

globe valve HY-SHV6.01Z

pipe joint assembly YJM131-3000

test solenoid valve 

Turbine Wheel shaft external bearing YOT51-09-00

solenoid valve DB10-1-30/31.5


valve ZDB6VAZ-30/10

seal sleeve lock nut FK5G32AM-03-05

Loading solenoid valve 42552950

non-return valve S10P5.0

shunt ring Z1c001297S

metal spiral gasket 

stator water filters MSL-125

OPC solenoid valve 

Sleeve for stem sleeve assembly of IPCV 

600MW turbine differential pressure valve 514D098

Distance measuring sensor

globe throttle check valve LJC50-2.5P

RING, ANTI EXT DG600-240-07-02(2)

servo valve J761-004A

stainless steel globe throttle check valve (flange) 50LJC-1.6P

bellows relief valve BXF-25II

AST solenoid valve GS061600V+CCP230M

pressure hose S100-AC-AC-0150

vacuum pump screw P-2412

BFP main oil pump 70LY-34*2

screw pump HSNH280-43NZ


300MW turbine AC lube pump impeller 125LY-35-4

globe valve SHV16



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