Dongfang yoyik supply thermocouple WZP-221

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                    Dongfang yoyik supply thermocouple WZP-221 


The thermocouple WZP-221 is one of the most commonly used thermal zone temperature detector. Thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the characteristic that the resistance of metal conductor increases with the increase of temperature. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, high measurement accuracy, stable performance and large output signal. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, gas and solid meter in the range of - 200 to 400 in various production processes. It can also be used with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator.


Measuring range: - 200 ~ 400

Graduation: Pt100

Accuracy grade: a ± (0.15 + 0.005 T), B ± (0.30 + 0.005 t )

Type of junction box: splash proof junction box

Installation mode: fixed thread type

Protection tube diameter: 12mm

Protection tube material: stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 316L, etc

Insert depth of protective tube: l = 75-1400mm

Thermal resistance wiring: three wire or four wire connection

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oil pump station HP pipe filter HDX-400*5Q
oil filter PQI-H50*3Q3SIII
regenerating filter/diatomite filter  
filter SFAX-25*3
precision filter JLX-75
filter LH0500D5BN/HC
oil filter JWU-25*100LYZ
filter GP500*3Q2
filter FBX-40*30
EH oil regeneration device filter  
filter SG65/0.7
filter GY135.200X*30
oil filter JWU-250*100LYZ
filter TZ-1000*10
filter QYLX-250*10Q2
EH oil pump discharge filter HY-10-003-HTCC
EH oil station air filter PFD-12AR
filter ZL366X-A25*5
filter 0110R010BN3HC/-V
lube filter LY-10/10W-40
filter STZX2-25*10
filter 0280D005BH3HC
diatomite filter
jacking oil inlet filter SZHB-850*20
oil filter ZL366-A25*30
oil-return filter MSF-04S-01
HP oil station filter FX-110*5H
filter SH006



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