Dongfang yoyik Linear Position Sensor Displacement LVDT TDZ-1E-41

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     Dongfang yoyik Linear Position Sensor Displacement LVDT TDZ-1E-41


The LVDT TDZ-1E-41 is mainly used to measure the stroke of hydraulic actuator of main steam valve, high pressure cylinder, intermediate pressure cylinder and low pressure cylinder of steam turbine. The measured signal is sent to "DEH" servo card or transmitted to the control system together with LVDT transmitter.


Features: the sensor has good dynamic characteristics, can be used for high-speed online detection; simple structure, small volume; reliable work, convenient use and maintenance, long life; good nonlinearity, high repeatability.



Accuracy: + / - 0.25

Excitation voltage: 3vrms (standard)

Excitation frequency: 400Hz 5KHz

Working temperature: - 55150 (high temperature type - 40220)

Sensitivity effect: less than 0.03 full scale output/

Outgoing line: 28Awg multi core copper wire

Vibration resistant; 20g / 2KHz

Impact resistance: 1000g


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filter LH0110D5BN/HC
filter HX.BH-400*10Q
filter GY135-200*40
filter HBX-10*10
filter TZ-630*5
filter LXM10-60
Hydraulic coupler filter YOT51-14-03
Filter Element SPL-32
oil pump station HP pipe filter HDX-400*5Q
oil filter PQI-H50*3Q3SIII
regenerating filter/diatomite filter 
filter SFAX-25*3
Seal kit  
precision filter JLX-75
filter LH0500D5BN/HC
oil filter JWU-25*100LYZ
filter GP500*3Q2
filter FBX-40*30
EH oil regeneration device filter  
filter SG65/0.7
filter GY135.200X*30
oil filter JWU-250*100LYZ
High Pressure Filter Element  
filter TZ-1000*10
filter QYLX-250*10Q2
EH oil pump discharge filter HY-10-003-HTCC
EH oil station air filter PFD-12AR
filter ZL366X-A25*5
filter 0110R010BN3HC/-V
lube filter LY-10/10W-40
filter STZX2-25*10
EH oil supply device filter  
filter 0280D005BH3HC
diatomite filter HPU-V100A
jacking oil inlet filter SZHB-850*20
oil filter ZL366-A25*30
oil-return filter MSF-04S-01


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