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The boiler mainly consist of the boiler body, safety accessories, and auxiliary equipment. The main boiler part in the boiler, such as the furnace, drum, burner, water-cooled wall, superheater, economizer, air preheater, framework, and furnace wall, constitute the core part of steam production, which is called the boiler body.

1. Furnace: Ensure that the boiler fuel is burned out and the outlet flue gas temperature is cooled to a value that allows safe operation of the convective heating surface;
3. Drum: Connect the heating surfaces of the boiler together and form a water circulation circuit with the water-cooled wall, downcomer, etc. The drum stores steam and water, which can adapt to load changes. There is a steam and water separation device inside to ensure the quality of steam and water, and there is no drum in the once-through boiler.
4. Water wall panel: The main radiating heating surface of a boiler, which absorbs furnace radiation heat, heats up working fluids, and protects furnace walls.
5. Combustion equipment: Sends fuel and combustion air into the furnace to ensure stable ignition and good combustion of the fuel;
6. Air preheater: Heating the air used for fuel to enhance ignition and combustion; Absorb waste heat from flue gas, reduce exhaust temperature, and improve boiler efficiency.
2. Economizer: uses the heat from the flue gas at the tail of the boiler to heat the water supply, reducing the exhaust temperature and saving fuel.
7. Furnace wall: It is the protective shell of the boiler, serving as a seal and insulation. The heavy-duty furnace wall of a small boiler can also serve as a support for boiler components.
8. Framework: Support and fix boiler components.





Spare Parts for Dongfang BoilerSpare Parts for Dongfang BoilerSpare Parts for Dongfang Boiler




Antifriction Cover Board

HP Heater Manhole Gasket

HT Reheater Abrasionproof Bearing

HT Reheater Antifriction Pressure Plate

HT Heater Manhole Gasket

Superheater Antifriction Bearing

Sliding Pair

Inspection Manhole

Radial Sealing Fin


Flow Equaling Plate for Coal Economizer

Air Pre-heater Manhole Door

Sealing Fin

Sealing Fin

Sealing Folded Plate

Bypass Sealing Fin


Flow Equaling Plate for Coal Economizer

End Cap for Coal Economizer

Hand Hold End Cap








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