Dongfang yoyik supply THERMOCOUPLE WRNK2-294

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                   Dongfang yoyik supply THERMOCOUPLE WRNK2-294

As a temperature measurement sensor, the thermocouple WRNK2-294 is usually used together with temperature transmitter, regulator and display instrument to form a process control system, which is used to directly measure or control the temperature of fluid, steam, gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0-1800 in various production processes.

Armored thermocouple has many advantages, such as bending, high pressure resistance, fast thermal response time and durability. Like industrial assembled thermocouple, it is usually used as a temperature sensor with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator.


The basic principle of temperature measurement by thermocouple is thermoelectric effect. Two kinds of metal conductors with different composition are connected to form a closed loop. If the temperature of the two contacts is not equal, thermoelectric EMF will be generated in the loop and thermal current will be formed. This is thermoelectric effect.

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Rotation Speed Probe ZS-02 L=90
Safety Monitoring Card D521.12
Pressure switch 9NN-K5-N4-F1A
LVDT Position Sensor TD-1-500
power supply
Rotation Speed Gauge SZC-04
Precision Speed Monitor DF9011PRO
Speed Sensor ZS-04-75-3000
Probe 21000-11-10-00-270-04-02
Pressure Switch 
High Resistance Magnetoresistive Sensor CS-1(G-090-03-01)
Signal Acquisition Card  
Probe CWY-DO-813503
Thermal Expansion Monitor DF9032 MaxA
Pressure Switch 
Guide Vane Opening DYK-11-1013
Fast I/O Board 3HB006208R0001
Speed sensor Airpax70085-1010-214
Current/Voltage Converter LJB1 5A/10V 0.5
Bolt Electric Heater Φ12X350
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1G-01
servo controller
Bolt Heater HY-CYQ-2.4-380/3
Thermal resistance WZP2-230/Pt100/L/1=1650/1500mm
Probe CWY-DO-812503

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