Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

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China Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe Manufacturer


Product Description


Available Length (mm): 

50~200 200~500 500~1000 1000~2000 2000~3000 3000~6000


Available Size (mm):

OD 40~89 89~159 159~245 245~377 436~599 ≥600
Thickness 7~10 9~12 10~16 14~18 16~20 ≥18



Product Features


Ceramic lined steel pipes combin ceramics and metals to form composite pipes. The outer layer is a steel pipe, and the inner layer is corundum with over 90% of Al2O3. The ceramic wear-resistant steel pipe produced by YOYIK has been supplied to dozens of thermal power plants. The ceramic steel pipe was opened and measured after 1-2 years, and the composite layer has no obvious wear or fall off.

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe is a pipe material with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high impact resistance. Its design principles mainly include the following aspects:

1. Select the appropriate ceramic material: The lining layer of the wear-resistant ceramic-lined steel pipe is generally made of ceramic materials with high hardness, high density and high wear resistance such as alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics.

2. Select the appropriate steel pipe material: the selection of steel pipe material should consider its strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance and weldability. Common steel pipe materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

3. Using bonding technology: bonding the ceramic lining and the steel pipe shell together. The commonly used bonding technologies include mechanical fixing, chemical curing and hot pressing curing.

4. Reasonable structural design: Set up an appropriate buffer layer or liner between the inner lining and the steel pipe to relieve the pressure and impact of the medium in the pipeline and reduce the stress concentration between the inner lining and the steel pipe.

5. Strict quality control: Strict testing and control should be carried out during the manufacturing process to ensure that the bonding strength and quality of the lining and the steel pipe meet the requirements.

In summary, the design principles of wear-resistant ceramic-lined steel pipes include the selection of suitable ceramic materials and steel pipe materials, the application of bonding technology, reasonable structural design and strict quality control.

Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Long-term work in the range of -50 íŠ ~ 900 íŠ.

Easy Welding

Can be easily connected by direct welding, flange, or flexible quick connector.

High Wear Resistance at HV1100-1500

10 times higher than hardness of quenched medium carbon steel, also superior to tungsten drilled carbide.

Corrosion & Acid Resistance

10 times higher than that of stainless steel.

Long Service Life

15 times longer than ordinary steel pipes, 5 times longer than thick-wall wear-resistant cast steel elbow in primary air pipe.

Low Cost

30-40% lower than Wear-resistant cast steel pipe & bimetallic composite pipe
20% lower than Cast stone pipe & rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe
Half lower than Stainless steel tube & nickel-titanium tube for corrosion or high temperature material


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