Features of LY-38/25W Turbine duplex lube oil filter element

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 Features of LY-38/25W Turbine duplex lube oil filter element

The Turbine duplex lube oil filter element LY-38/25W  provides protection for mechanical equipment by filtering impurities in the connecting pipeline system, thus reducing the overall operating cost.

Features of Turbine duplex lube oil filter element LY-38/25W:

The optimized design of the folding filter element improves the wrinkle density and filtering area.

The filter element is the most important part of the filter, which can prolong the service life of the system and prevent wear.

The lubricating oil cleanliness, initial pressure drop and dirt holding capacity are the main production standards.

It is applicable to hydraulic system, gearbox, wind turbine, boiler feed pump, mechanical/electro-hydraulic control and servo system.

Turbine duplex lube oil filter element LY-38/25W

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