LY-48/25W Turbine lube oil filter element

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LY-48/25W Turbine lube oil filter element

Turbine lube oil filter element LY-48/25W is the filter element of turbine lubricating oil system. Clean oil plays an important role in the operation of the whole lubricating oil system.

Turbine lube oil filter element LY-48/25W can effectively filter the mechanical impurities and metal chips of the lubricating oil system equipment to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil will not wear the system equipment.

If the surface of the Turbine lube oil filter element is not worn or deformed, it can be used again after cleaning. Before cleaning the lubricating oil filter element, make sure that the unit is shut down and the safety lock is down. Try not to operate in theweather with heavy dust and sandstorm to prevent impurities from entering the oil.

lube filter element  LY-48/25W

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