C9209034 China oil pump outlet filter element

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 C9209034 China oil pump outlet filter element

 The oil pump outlet filter element C9209034 is used at the outlet of the EH oil pump to enable the fire-resistant oil of the turbine to filter out its own impurities and metal particles worn by the equipment during operation. The folding design can increase the contact area of the oil circuit. The stainless steel material used is of appropriate hardness, strong corrosion resistance, even air holes, long service life, and easy replacement and installation.

The oil pump outlet filter element C9209034 can effectively control the pollution degree of the fire-resistant oil, prevent the deterioration of the fire-resistant oil, and protect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment. It plays an indelible role in the pipeline series for transporting media.

C9209034 oil pump outlet filter element

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