DHW38.2A Turbine diatomite filter element

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DHW38.2A Turbine diatomite filter element

The  Turbine diatomite filter element DHW38.2A is mainly used in power plants. The shell is made of stainless steel, which can effectively remove impurities and ions in EH oil, reduce the acidity and alkalinity of oil, and improve the work efficiency.

TheTurbine diatomite filter element DHW38.2A is used for the fire-resistant oil regeneration device system of the power plant. It can be used together with other filter elements to better improve the oil quality of the fire-resistant oil system and keep the acid value of the EH oil system operating within the normal range.

DHW38.2A Turbine diatomite filter element

filter          QTL-6021A

EH oil filter       QTL-6021A

flushing filter   QTL-6021A

filter  QTL-6027

filter  QTL-6027A

EH oil pump inlet filter     QTL-6027A

filter          QUI-H63*100FBP

air filter    QUQ1

air filter    QUQ2

air filter    QUQ2.5

filter          QUQ2.5-10*3

air filter    QUQ2-1-A

air filter    QUQ2-1-B

air filter    QUQ2-2-A

air filter    QUQ2-2-B

air filter    QUQ2-3-A

air filter    QUQ2-3-B

filter          QUQ3-10*40

air filter    QUQ4

air filter    QUQ5

filter   QVQI-20*0.25

air filter    QVQI-20*0.25

oil filter    QYL-100*180F-J

oil filter    QYL-160*180F-J

oil filter    QYL-250*180F-J

oil filter    QYL400*180F-J

oil filter    QYL-400*180FZ-J