ZD.04.020 turbine dual cartridge filter element

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ZD.04.020 turbine dual cartridge filter element

The dual cartridge filter element ZD.04.020 is used in the dual cartridge filter to filter the solid particles and adhesive substances in the oil, control the pollution degree of the oil, keep the oil clean, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

technical parameter of turbine dual cartridge filter element ZD.04.020 

1. Filtering precision: 1~100um

2. Working pressure: 21Mpa

3. Working medium: general hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, phosphoric acid vinegar oil, emulsion, water glycol, etc

4. Working temperature: - 30 ° C~110 ° C

5. Filter material: glass fiber

6. Framework: stainless steel internal and external double framework

7. Sealing ring: butadiene rubber

Performance characteristics of turbine dual cartridge filter element ZD.04.020

1. Large sewage holding capacity;

2. Low initial pressure;

3. Large oil passing capacity and high filtering accuracy.

4. Simple structure and convenient installation

4. Easy maintenance and cleaning

ZD.04.020 turbine dual cartridge filter element

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