Characteristics of ZD.04.001 China hydraulic oil Filter element

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ZD.04.001 China hydraulic oil Filter element

Filter element ZD.04.001 is used in the hydraulic oil system of the power plant to filter impurities generated during the operation of equipment in the oil station and ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil.

 Characteristics of  ZD.04.001 hydraulic oil Filter element

1. The product is made of highly efficient wood pulp fiber material, featuring small pore diameter, low air permeability resistance, high filtering accuracy and large filtering area.

2. New folding process is adopted with even spacing.

3. The end cover of the filter element and the inner and outer protective screen are made of electrolytic plates, which not only have good strength, but also have good rust and corrosion resistance. The connection technology adopted by the inner and outer protective nets will not damage the metal surface of the protective nets, so that their rust prevention and anti-corrosion performance can be further improved. At the same time, the filter material will not be damaged by the protective net.


technical parameter of ZD.04.001 hydraulic oil Filter element

1. Filter element pressure difference: 32MPa

2. Working temperature: - 10~+100C

3. Filtering precision: 1~25 μ m

4. Working medium: general hydraulic oil.


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