Original Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC Valve Controller Module for Thermal Power Station

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 Original Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC Valve Controller Module for Thermal Power Station

Valve positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC is a type of positioner with communication capability and electronic configuration parameters, installed on pneumatic straight stroke or angular stroke actuators. It is characterized by compact design, modular structure, and excellent cost-effectiveness. The control parameters that match the terminal control components are automatically determined by the intelligent locator, saving a lot of debugging time and achieving optimal control. Fully automatic debugging, easy to operate. Just connect the signal source, press the button, and it will take three minutes.
Features of Positioner V18345-1010121001
1. Fully automatic debugging, simple operation, just connect the signal source, press the button, and all parameters can be automatically set within three minutes.
2. A truly intelligent instrument with various optional communication protocols can adapt to the development of future control technology. The basic model adopts the HART protocol, which is convenient for on-site manual operation. All control parameters and diagnostic information can be easily communicated with the system through communication protocols for modification.
3. Provide self diagnostic information at any time, including stroke accumulation, exceeding limit, regulating valve film or joint leakage, valve locking, etc., promptly detect valve abnormalities, and provide normal maintenance data basis.

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Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:
#DF-Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC-DF
Digital display AC ammeter PA194I-9SY3
LVDT Displacement Sensors TDZ-1-23
Thermistor Sensor WZP2-230
Gear tooth sensor ZS-01 L=65
thermocouple machine WRNK2-231-R1/4\K
temperature transmitter pt100 WZPM-225 φ25mm
lvdt probe 6000TD-E
inductive displacement sensor B151.36.09G32
lvdt sensor 191.36.09(1).09
pt100 thermocouple machine TE-402
inductive displacement sensor TDZ-1-02
rtd temperature sensor DZ3.1.2.7-1992
Armoured Thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S5
displacement inductive sensor ZDET-800B
lvdt displacement transducer ZDET50B
Gear speed sensor E16521D.3
sensor rpm G-120-05-01
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor ZDET-350B
displacement sensor ZDET150B
Resistance thermometer WZPK-237S
5000 rpm torque sensor CS-1-G-100-03-01
lvdt full form FRD-3000TD
full form of lvdt TDZ-1B-31
rtd cable WZPK2-330
lvdt sensor HTD-800-6
LVDT Position Sensor HL-6-300-15
lvdt probe TDZ-1-05
speed meter with rpm WZ-3
lvdt displacement sensor TDZ-1-13
Hall Effect RPM/Speed Sensor 143.35.19
lvdt 0-300 199T.319Z
liquid level controller 617279-SFQZQ15
linear displacement sensor B151.36.09.04-011
LVDT Position Sensors LVDT-900-3
MOV SND-Z60-18 S
Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC
lvdt 20mm sensor DET-100A
angular displacement sensor LVDT-400-6
Pressure Switch HC0618-24
linear displacement sensor TDZ-1G-31
cartridge heater electric ZJ-20-5
LVDT Displacement Sensors ZD-2000TDA
Differential Pressure Gauge BH-046001-057
lvdt 20mm sensor TD-1 60S
linear displacement sensor FRD.WJA2.308H
pt100 thermocouple WRNK2-0901T φ5
sensor rpm CS-3-M10-L120
aluminum temperature gauge WSS-461 0~500
thermocouple thermometer WREX-001
lvdt position sensor DET400A
lvdt transducer ZDET-300B
Probe CWY-DO-812510
temperature thermometer WTYY-1021
rtd cable WZP-190
linear displacement transducer
full form of lvdt HTD-200-6
sensor de lvdt TD-1 300S
linear displacement sensor ZD-3000TDA
Digital display AC ammeter PA194I-5S1
Pt100 Temperature Rtd Sensor WZP2-230NM
rpm meter tachometer HZQW-03H
Surface Thermometer WSSX-411 M27*2
DP Pressure switch ST307-55-B
linear displacement transducer
sensor lvdt 3000TDGN-15-1
angular displacement sensor FRD.WJA2.308
sensor lvdt ZDET700B
LVDT Measurement HTD-300-6
thermocouple wzpk 230 pt100 TE-213
turbine speed sensor YD62-A02-B89mm-C01
linear displacement transducer 8000TD
non-contact displacement sensor 187.36.06G01
Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC


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