WZPM2-08-75-M18-8 thermal resistance convection OEM Surface RTD temperature sensor

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 WZPM2-08-75-M18-8 thermal resistance convection OEM Surface RTD temperature sensor

The thermal resistance WZPM2-08-120-M18-S is a type of WZPM2-08 series. According to the model, its operating temperature range is -50 ~350°C, the graduation number is Pt100, the probe length is 120mm, and the probe diameter is 18mm.
In many industrial environments, on-site flow temperature measurement can be carried out according to process requirements. The WZPM2-08 series surface thermal resistance is a new product designed according to the above process requirements. It can be used in conjunction with digital displays to display temperature, and is therefore widely used in industrial environments such as textiles, paper, plastics, rubber, and power plants. The temperature measuring head of its platinum resistance WZPM2-08 series is made of imported platinum resistance components, which has the advantages of precision, sensitivity, fast thermal response time, stable quality, and long service life.

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Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:
#DF-thermal resistance convection WZPM2-08-75-M18-8-DF
thermocouple machine WRNK2-331T
lvdt probe C9231114
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors TDZ-1C-44
pt100 temperature controller WZPK2-393 φ6
thermocouple temperature meter WRN2-4312
linear displacement sensor TD-1 60S
k-type thermocouple WREK2-191
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor
thermocouple digital WRNK-321
thermocouple replacement TC03A2-KY-2B/S13
lvdt transducer 12000TDGN
lvdt displacement transducer A181.36.06G02
sensor pt100 WZP-190
CSI Rectifier Bridge Signal Interface Card UA D209
rtd sensor WZP2-441-B
lvdt full form 6000TDGN
linear displacement sensor LVDT-50-6
rpm sensor ZS-05
lvdt sensor B151.36.09G12
Bimetal Temperature Gauge WSS-481 0250
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor HTD-1000-6
displacement sensor 4000TDG
thermal resistance tester WZPM-201 Φ4
transmission temperature gauge WSS-461 0~500
RCV LVDT TDZ-1E-012 0-275MM
lvdt 0-300 B151.36.09.04-006
liquid level transducer KZ/114WS
Rotary Torque Sensor ZS-01
Gear speed sensor ZS-02 L=100
full form of lvdt 5000TDZ-A
Thermocouple Type-K WRNK2-331\φ6\K
digital tachometer rpm DF9011 Pro
sensor de lvdt B152.33.01.01(2)
5000 rpm torque sensor DF6101
Gear speed sensor CS-1-G-065-06-01
thermal resistance convection WZPM2-08-75-M18-8
angular displacement sensor
bolt induction heater ZJ-16.5-9
lvdt full form TDZ-1E-01
digital panel meter DF9011-B
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor 4000TDG-15-01
rtd cable WZP2-441(Pt100)
Thermocouple Cylindrical sensor WRN-330
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-T12
LVDT Measurement
speed sensor cost DF6101
Digital display AC ammeter PA194I-5K4
rpm sensor indicator ZS-04
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor TDZ-1-45
full form of lvdt A156.33.01.28
output speed sensor E6B2-CWZ6C
1000 degree temperature gauge WTY 1201606
Resistance Thermometers TE-304
LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN
electric cartridge heater rod GY300-12
industrial displacement sensor B151.36.09G24
LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-350
non-contact displacement sensor C9231119
inductive displacement sensor B151.36.09.04-010
thermocoupl 1000 WRNK-322
linear displacement transducer ZDET400B
linear displacement sensor TDZ-1B-04
lvdt probe LVDT-150-3
sensor de lvdt TD-1-0150-10-01-01
thermocouple temperature meter WRNK-321
linear displacement sensor B151.36.09G19
water in oil detector OWK-II
input speed sensor 330103-00-08-10-02-00
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor B151.36.09G08
thermal resistance convection WZPM2-08-75-M18-8


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