OF3-08-3R-10 China sales Recirculation pump inlet Replace filter element

Date:2023/5/31 11:36:06 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 OF3-08-3R-10 China sales Recirculation pump inlet Replace filter element

The  Recirculation pump inlet Replace filter element OF3-08-3RV-10 uses glass fiber filter material, with a working temperature ranging from -30 íŠ to 110 íŠ, a structural strength of up to 21MPa, and a maximum working pressure of 21Mpa. The working medium is generally hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water ethylene glycol, etc. It can be used for pressure oil filtration in hydraulic and lubrication systems to filter out pollutants in the system and ensure normal operation of the system.
The  Recirculation pump inlet Replace filter element OF3-08-3RV-10 is installed in the oil circuit of the fire resistant fuel system to remove metal powder and other mechanical impurities worn by various components in the system, keeping the oil circuit clean and extending the service life of the fire resistant fuel system.
 OF3-08-3R-10 China sales Recirculation pump inlet Replace filter element
Filter HX-10*3Q-Z
filter LY-38/25W-5
Filter PA 250-100
Cellulose filter PALX-1269-165
EH recirculation pump outlet filter QTL-6430W
Filter QU-H10*3-Z
Filter RFLDW/HC661DAM25BD1
Filter RFLDW/HC661DAN25BD1
Filter SGF-H110*10FC
BFPT hydraulic actuator washing filter DP2B01EA01V/-F
Hydraulic oil return filter element SFX 240x20
Hydraulic filter element LH0160DO20BN3HC
Hydraulic filter element SGF-H160x20F
Hydraulic filter element SGF-H330x20F
Hydraulic filter element LH0330DO20BN3HC
Filter WU-250x100FJ
Hydraulic oil filter cartridge HDX 40x20
filter element, liquid oil, H/BG-D 1300 R050 W/HC/BI
hydraulic filter element LH0160DO20BN3HC (SGF-H160x20F)
hydraulic filter element LH0330DO20BN3HC (SGF-H330x20F)
filter element, oil OF3-08-3RV-10
filter element, oil OF3-20-3RV-10
busbar, flexible TZ-1
Hydraulic Coupling Filter 300373
EH Oil Vacuum Pump Coalescence Filter 1204753
Actuator Oil Filter (WH)D135D-477000A
Oil Filter 01100010BN3HC-V
Oil Filter 0110R010BN4HC