BRAND NEW SERVO VLV FOR TV/GV VALVE ASSY SM4-20(15)57-80/40-10-S182-A Valve servo

Date:2021/7/6 10:22:49 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 After receiving the electrical analog signal, the electro-hydraulic servo valve outputs the modulated flow and pressure. It is not only an electro-hydraulic conversion component, but also a power amplifier component. It can convert the weak electrical input signal of small power into the output of high-power hydraulic energy (flow and pressure). In the electro-hydraulic servo system, it connects the electric part with the hydraulic part to realize the conversion of the electro-hydraulic signal and the hydraulic amplification. Electro hydraulic servo valve is the core of electro-hydraulic servo system.

Servo valve is mainly used in the electro-hydraulic servo system as an executive component (see hydraulic servo system). In the servo system, compared with the electrical and pneumatic actuator, the hydraulic actuator has the characteristics of good rapidity, high output power per unit weight, stable transmission and strong anti-interference ability. On the other hand, electrical components are often used to transmit signals and correct characteristics in servo system. Therefore, modern high-performance servo system also adopts electro-hydraulic mode, servo valve is the necessary component of this system.
SERVO VLV FOR TV/GV VALVE ASSY SM4-20(15)57-80/40-10-S182-A
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