yoyik Filter element/Regeneration device precision Filter Element

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 The stator water system is equipped with two sets of parallel stator cooling water filters. Under normal conditions, one is in operation and the other is standby. There is a drain outlet at the bottom of the filter barrel, and the two ends of the filter screen are connected with a differential pressure switch. When the differential pressure increases to higher than the normal pressure difference, an alarm signal will be sent out. At this time, the standby filter screen should be put into operation in time and the blocked filter element should be cleaned.

The function of the stator cooling water system is closely related to the heat generated by the stator winding of the generator in operation and the output power of the generator. The greater the output power of the generator, the more the calorific value. If the temperature of stator winding is too high, its internal insulation will be affected. In order to ensure the safe operation of the unit, large capacity generator units are equipped with generator stator cooling device to take away the heat generated in the operation of the generator. For the water-cooled generator set, the stator cooling water is used to take away the heat generated in the operation of the generator.
Filter element MSL-125
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