yoyik/Sensor Speed SZCB-01-01-080-00-03 Speed Transducer

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 The speed sensor is a sensor that converts the speed of a rotating object into electrical output. Speed sensor belongs to indirect measuring device, which can be manufactured by mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical and hybrid methods. According to the different signal form, speed sensor can be divided into analog and digital.

The speed sensor is a new type of speed sensor, which is made up of magnetoresistance. The core component is the use of magnetoresistance as a detection component, and then through a new signal processing circuit, the noise is reduced and the function is more perfect. Compared with the output waveforms of other types of gear speed sensors, the error of the measured speed is very small and the linear characteristics have good consistency. When the measured body has a raised (or depressed) magnetic or conductive material, and the measured object rotates, the sensor outputs a pulse signal related to the rotation frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of speed measurement or displacement detection.
Sensor Speed SZCB-01-01-080-00-03
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