high quality stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/200

Date:2021-3-18 10:06:57 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Stainless steel filter, with good filtration performance, can play a uniform surface filtration performance for 2-200 μ m filtration particle size. The main filter material is multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh, with filtering accuracy of 0.5-200 μ m, and its external dimensions can be processed according to user requirements.

stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/200
Features of stainless steel filter element:
1. Good filtration performance and uniform surface filtration performance for 2-200 μ m particle size;
2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance;
3. Stainless steel filter element has uniform pores and accurate filtering precision;
4. Stainless steel filter element has large flow rate per unit area;
5 stainless steel filter element is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environment; it can be reused after cleaning without replacement.
stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/200
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