MSV\CV\RCV actuator working filter DP3SH302EA10V/W

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 In hydraulic system, hydraulic motor filter element is used to filter out the solid particles and colloidal substances in the medium of scale ester fire-resistant oil, and effectively control the pollution degree of working medium. It is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, electric power, pharmacy, environmental protection, raw energy, nuclear industry, natural gas, refractory, fire-fighting equipment and other fields.

MSV\CV\RCV actuator working filter DP3SH302EA10V/W
Hydraulic motor filter element is widely used in almost all walks of life, especially in metallurgical industry, automobile industry, electric power equipment, chemical industry, engineering machinery, paper industry, shipbuilding industry and machine tool manufacturing.
MSV\CV\RCV actuator working filter DP3SH302EA10V/W
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