Stainless Steel Globe Valve SHV6.4 for steam turbine oil system

Date:2020/10/10 17:47:45 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Stop needle valve can withstand greater pressure than other types of valves and has good sealing performance, so it is generally used for sealing of gas or liquid media with smaller flow and higher pressure.

Needle valve and pressure gauge are the most suitable. The general needle valve shape is made into threaded connection.
Nominal pressure: PN2.5 PN4 PN6.4 PN16 PN32Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN5DN25
Applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media
Applicable temperature: -20桫+440 -70桫-240 ≤540 ≤570 etc.
Manufacturing materials: 20#, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304, 316, 316L, 12Cr1Mov, etc.
YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
Fluoro Rubber O-Ring OR0311308
main sealing oil pump coupling cushion ACG070K7NVBP
vacuum pump spring SK-831
pressure hose SMS-12/15-2438mm-B
servo valve SM4-40 (40)151-80/40-10-S205
BFP low pressure accumulator skin NXQAB-100/-10-L
Braking Magnet 
fs741y/x-6 DN300
bellows globe valve 20FWJ1.6P
bellows globe valve (welded) WJ25F1.6P
Solenoid valve body SV13-12V-O-0-00, HQ1615Z
Rexroth Hydraulic valve L-DB100F2-3X/16
Mechanical seal HZB200-H75/60-G115-00
stainless steel globe valve (Butt welding) DFJ100-1.6P
RSV1 trip solenoid valve 
pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-915mm-B
Gate valve Z961H-30
solenoid directional valve 4WE6D-50/AW220NZ5L
Helical gear oil pump CB-B200 1450r/min
stator cooling water pump shaft DFB-80-80-240