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Jacking oil pump is usually a plunger pump, to prevent the rotor from damages in low-speed rotation. When the turbine rotated in low speed, no oil film is formed between the journal and the bearing. This may cause scratch on the bearing, or vibration in blades. In order to prevent damage, reduce power rate of barring, and ensure the smooth running of steam turbine, the jacking oil system needs to be equipped.


The oil source of the jacking oil pump comes from the lubricating oil behind the oil cooler, with a pressure of approximately 0.176, which can effectively prevent the oil pump from sucking air.


Run the jack system before barring can help to reduce the starting torque. Also the system is required to be in operation during barring. Before starting barring, the jacking oil pump must be first opened, then check the pressure of jacking oil which should be normal. When the unit is shutdown, the jacking oil pump must be started to protect bearings before the rotor stops.


The normal operation of the turbine top shaft oil system is crucial for the long-term stable operation and lifespan of the turbine. If the top shaft oil system malfunctions or fails, it will lead to a lack of lubrication in the top bearing of the turbine, causing overheating, wear, and even damage to the top bearing, seriously affecting the normal operation of the turbine. Therefore, during the operation of the steam turbine, it is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the jacking oil system to ensure its stable and reliable operation.





Jacking Oil Pump A10VS0100DR32R-VPB12OO Pump Bearing
Pump Shaft Seal Meachanical Seal
Coupling Coupling Cushion




Jacking Oil PumpJacking Oil Pump





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