Generator Sealing Oil Float Tank Float Ball Valve BYF-40

Date:2020-8-3 14:49:21 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

This Float Ball Valve BYF-40 uses the actuator of the ball-float lever to control the conical needle plug installed in the valve plug According to the hydraulic amplification principle, the valve plug is opened to drain the oil as the needle plug moves, in order to control the liquid-level in the oil tank. The valve system is mainly used to control the liquid-level of the sealing oil tank in the turbine generator.


It comprises the actuator of the ball-float lever and the regulating plug controlled by the needle plug for hydraulic amplification.


Main technical parameters

1. Nominal pressure: 0.5 MPa

2. Diameter: φ40mm

3. Max working stroke: 10 mm

4. Max discharge capacity (Full open and working pressure 0.5 MPa) 300 L/min




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