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The role of the steam turbine casing: separate turbine blading components of atmosphere, form steam energy conversion of closed space, and supporting other stationary parts of a steam turbine, such as baffle plate (Stationary blade ring), baffle plate sleeve (stationary blade carrier), steam seal, etc., To fix inlet, exhaust, and extraction steam pipes.


Composition of steam turbine casing: The casing is the outer shell of the steam turbine, and the main components of the steam turbine body are almost contained within the casing. The casing is equipped with components such as nozzle chamber, nozzle, partition, partition sleeve, and steam seal inside. The outer part of the casing is equipped with regulating valves and inlet, exhaust, and reheat extraction pipelines.


The function of the steam turbine casing: The function of the casing is to isolate the flow passage of the turbine from the atmosphere, forming a closed steam chamber, ensuring that the steam completes its energy conversion process inside the turbine.





Steam inlet parts:

A. steam lead pipe: Send the steam through regulating steam valve into the nozzle chamber of steam turbine.

Guide steam pipe IP guide steam pipe
HP guide steam pipe HP guide steam pipe flange



B. nozzle chamber: Send the steam to steam turbine blading components directly; the first stage nozzle (set) of a steam turbine is fixed on the upper side.

4# Nozzle group 1# Nozzle group



C. Regulating steam valve: Used to change the amount of steam entering the turbine, regulate the speed or power of the turbine, and control the flow area of the first stage (high pressure regulating steam valve).

Regulating steam valve hydraulic actuator IP regulating valve stem



D. Main steam valve: The main components of the turbine protection device,the role of protecting the safety of steam turbine.

Main steam valve stem Main steam valve pre-inlet valve
HP Main steam valve hydraulic actuator Main steam valve disc assembly
HP Main steam valve gasket BFP MSV upper bushing





steam turbine Cylinder
steam turbine Cylinder





Steam turbine nuts and bolts Steam Turbine Bearings Steam turbine steam seal Steam turbine parts coupling
Steam turbine nuts and bolts Steam Turbine Bearings Steam turbine steam seal Steam turbine parts coupling



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