Dongfang yoyik original Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

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Dongfang yoyik original Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

The probe GJCT-15-E is mainly installed on the bearing caps of various rotating machinery (such as steam turbines, compressors, fans and pumps). It is an electromagnetic sensor that cuts magnetic lines by a moving coil and outputs a voltage. Therefore, it does not require power supply during operation and is easy to install. Mounting position: Mounted vertically or horizontally on the vibration point to be tested. The probe is fixed with M10×1.5 screws.

The probe GJCT-15-E is equipped with a vibration monitoring and protection device, which can measure the bearing vibration of various rotating machinery. It can detect the failure of various rotating machinery at an early stage, output the standard 4-20mA current signal, and send it to PLC, DCS and DEH systems.


Dongfang yoyik sell Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

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