Dongfang yoyik supply servo valve J761-003

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                           Dongfang yoyik supply servo valve J761-003

Servo valve J761-003 is a key component in electro-hydraulic servo control. It is a hydraulic control valve that receives the analog electric signal and correspondingly outputs the modulated flow and pressure. Electro-hydraulic servo valve has the advantages of fast dynamic response, high control precision and long service life. It has been widely used in electro-hydraulic servo control systems in the fields of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Servo valve J761-003 is a board-type control amplifier, small in size, can be installed in the electric control cabinet, 24V DC power supply, output current can be selected, with flutter signal output, can output ±15V DC to external sensor.


Technical Parameters:

Power supply: DC24V (Min18V, Max36V)

Input impedance: 33kΩ

Input command: Vpp≤±10V

Feedback instruction: Vpp≤±10V

Tremor amplitude frequency: f=159Hz

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