Spot in stock servo valve G761-3033B supplied by Dongfang yoyik

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Spot in stock servo valve G761-3033B supplied by Dongfang yoyik

The servo valve G761-3033B is used as a three-way and four-way throttle type flow control valve for better control performance when used with a four-way valve. This series of valves is a high performance two-stage electro-hydraulic servovalve rated at 4L/min to 63L/min at a rated pressure drop of 7Mpa. The pilot stage of the valve is a symmetrical two-nozzle flapper valve driven by a dry double air gap force motor; the output stage is a four-way spool valve. The spool position is mechanically fed back by a cantilever spring rod. The valve series is single, sturdy, reliable, and has a long service life. These valves are suitable for position, speed, force (or pressure) servo control systems with high dynamic response.


1. Adopting the new Servo Jet pilot stage to improve the dynamic characteristics of the whole valve;

2. The flow passage design of the large flow valve greatly increases the rated flow of the valve;

3. The position of the main spool is electrically feedback using a displacement sensor;

4. Built-in electronic amplifier performs closed-loop control on spool displacement;

5. Fail-Safe function to ensure that the machine is in a safe position in the event of an unexpected power failure;

6. Fast dynamic response, high control accuracy, long service life, etc.


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