actuator filter QTL-6021A use for power plat

Date:2019/4/12 9:52:14 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

actuator filter QTL-6021A is a kind of filter device installed in hydraulic system, which is used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in working medium and control the contamination of working medium.

actuator filter QTL-6021A

actuator filter QTL-6021A is widely used in almost all walks of life, especially in metallurgical industry, automotive industry, power equipment, chemical industry, engineering machinery, paper industry, shipbuilding industry and machine tool manufacturing.

actuator filter QTL-6021A

The eries of products are:

generator stator cooling water filter WFF-150-1
stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/200
stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/80
actuator filter QTL-6021A
EH oil pump outlet filter QTL-6027A
oil-return filter MSF-04S-01
precision filter MSF-04S-03
precision filter WU6300*860
generator stator cooling water filter SGLQ-300A
generator stator cooling water filter SGLQ-600A
generator stator cooling water filter SGLQ-1000A