Dongfang yoyik supply epoxy Paulownia glass powder mica foil 5440-1

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                             Dongfang yoyik supply epoxy Paulownia glass powder mica foil 5440-1

Features and usage:

Epoxy Tongma glass powder mica tape 5440-1 has excellent unsaturated epoxy ester impregnating resin insulation structure matching, suitable for large and medium-sized high-voltage motor stator insulation with working temperature of 155 °C.


1. When the mica tape is taken out by refrigeration, it should be placed until the normal temperature is restored before opening, so as to avoid condensation of mica tape.

2. If the mica tape is out of storage or the temperature is too low to facilitate the dressing, the low temperature preheating or solvent humidification (acetone fumigation) may be used for the dressing.

Storage environment:

The storage period is 5 months below 5 °C, pay attention to moisture and high temperature. Exceeding the storage period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.

Package Condition:

Plastic bag seal


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