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Mica tape 5540-1 is made of epoxy resin, modifier, catalyst, toluene, acetone, MCPMC7 mica paper (84g/m2) electric alkali-free glass cloth and other materials, which are baked, rolled and cut.

1. Insulation heat resistance grade: F grade (155 íŠ).

2. Softness, no adhesion, stratification, and glass cloth spinning.

3. It is suitable for coil insulation of large and medium-sized high voltage motor with working temperature of 155 íŠ .

4. The adhesive distribution is uniform.



Thickness of Mica Tape: 0.14mm

Mica tape diameter: 98mm

Mica Bandwidth: 35mm

Glass Cloth Content: 38.5 g/m2

Mica Content: 85.8 g/m2

Breakdown Field Strength: 45.1MV/m

Tensile Strength: 106N/10mm



1. Insulation treatment of stator lead outlet part 7 of generator. Mica tape 5440-1 has four layers, and 841 room temperature curing adhesive will be coated in each layer gap.

2. Insulation treatment of the soft connection part of stator outlet line. There are 8 layers in 5440-1 mica tape and 841 room temperature gum should be coated on both interlayer and surface.



1. The product has a storage period of 3 months below 5íŠ, and can still be used if it exceeds the storage period and is qualified after inspection.

2. After the product is opened, it is better to use it in time, wrap it up, twist it evenly and firmly.

3. The product should be moistureproof and high temperature during storage and use.



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Mica TapeMica Tape


Mica TapeMica Tape


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