Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E made by yoyik

Date:2018-12-19 14:07:01 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

The air leakage gap control system of air preheater is to fix a probe for measuring the air leakage gap on the upper fan plate, by which the air leakage gap between the fan plate and the flange of the outer edge of the air preheater rotor can be continuously measured. If the seal clearance changes due to thermal deformation, the probe can feed the change back to the control computer. The computer can adjust the position of the fan plate, so that the seal clearance is always maintained at the minimum clearance value without severe friction between the fan plate and the rotor.

Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E in gas turbine or steam turbine:
A. Measurement of clearance between turbine blade and blade
B. Gap measurement between rotor and stator
C. Use five-point synchronous measurement of clearance between rotor and stator to determine centrifugal rate in the process of steam turbine after reinstallation
D. Determining the Clearance between Heat Exchanger Tube and Heat Exchanger of Nuclear Steam Turbine

Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

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