SMCB-01-16L TSI turbine control system speed sensor by yoyik

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1. Description: We provide speed sensor diagram SMCB-01-16L according to the model., the drawings or the samples you supply. Rare earth magnets are used in the sensor to establish the initial magnetic field for the Hall device. When the ferromagnetic teeth pass in front of the Hall device, the magnetic field changes. The Hall device detects the change and converts it into an alternating signal. The built-in circuit of the sensor amplifies and shapes the signal, and outputs a good rectangular pulse signal. The measurement frequency range is wider and the output signal is more stable. It has been widely used in industry, automobile, aviation and other speed measurement fields.

2. Features: Speed sensor diagram SMCB-01-16L adopts SMR sensor, triggered by magnet conductor of iron and steel material. It has the characteristics of wide frequency response, good stability and strong anti-interference ability.
3. Application: Power plants & power station, steel mill, steel Industry, steam turbine, steam generator, hydraulic generator, hydro turbine compressor, sintering machine, coal grinding machine AC motor and other heavy machinery.

5.Technical indicators
Input voltage: 12V ~ 24VDC
Current: 20mA
Input frequency range: 0 ~ 20KHz
Output signal: 0 ~ 20V rectangular pulse
Temperature range: -40 ~ + 1.
Thread specification: M16 * 1

Speed sensor diagram SMCB-01-16LSpeed sensor diagram SMCB-01-16LSpeed sensor diagram SMCB-01-16L




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