Superheater Cover Wear boiler pipe shield made by yoyik

Date:2018-10-31 11:29:22 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Superheater Cover Wear 54J254-1, also known as anti-wear cover, anti-wear plate, anti-wear protective tile, anti-wear cover plate, anti-corrosion cover plate, boiler climbing pipe, anti-wear pressure plate, etc., is a common utility boiler heating surface pipe fittings, with the use of clasps.

Superheater Cover Wear 54J254-1

Superheater Cover Wear 54J254-1 are mainly used in the windward surface of heating surface tubes such as superheaters, reheaters, economizers, water-wall pipes of boilers, as well as induced draft fans. The main function is to protect the windward surface of boiler pipes, reduce pipe wear and increase the service life of heating surface pipes. In the general industry, it is known as "wear resistant tile" and "abrasion proof cover". Abrasion-proof tiles are special accessories for boilers. Most of them are used in utility boilers. Small boilers are used less. Some coal chemicals are also used.

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Superheater Cover Wear 54J254-1