vacuum pump 30-WS sue for power plant

Date:2018-9-26 14:43:15 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

vacuum pump 30-WS is a device or equipment which can obtain vacuum by mechanical, physical, chemical or physical-chemical methods. Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device that improves, produces and maintains vacuum in a closed space by various means.

vacuum pump 30-WSvacuum pump 30-WS

The two rotors of the vacuum pump 30-WS are synchronized by a pair of high-precision gears. The driving shaft is connected with the motor through a coupling. There are mainly two kinds of transmission structure arrangement: one is that the motor and the gear are placed on the same side of the rotor as shown in the figure. The driven rotor is driven directly by the end gear of the motor, so that the torsional deformation of the active rotor shaft is small, the clearance between the two rotors will not be changed by the torsional deformation of the active shaft, so that the clearance between the rotors is uniform in the operation process.

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