Characteristics of ZS-04-150-5000 non-contact Speed sensor

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Characteristics of ZS-04-150-5000 Speed sensor

The speed sensor  ZS-04-150-5000 is a kind of ZS-04 series speed sensor, which is a general-purpose speed sensor with high cost performance and wide application. It uses a non-contact measurement method for measuring the speed of magnetically conductive objects. Therefore, it can be widely used in various industrial working conditions that need to measure the speed of objects.

The characteristics of the speed sensor ZS-04-150-5000 are as follows:

1. Non-contact measurement, no contact with the measured rotating parts, no wear

2. Using the principle of magnetoelectric induction, no external power supply is required, the output signal is large, no amplification is required, and the anti-interference performance is good

3. The integrated design is adopted, the structure is simple and reliable, and it has high anti-vibration and anti-shock characteristics

4. Adapt to a wide range of working environment temperature, suitable for harsh industrial environments, such as smog, oil gas, water gas environment.

ZS-04-150-5000 non-contact Speed sensor

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