BD15AAANB10 torque motor servo valve

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BD15AAANB10 torque motor servo valve

The servo valve BD15AAANB10 can work without fault, which can greatly reduce the pollution sensitivity, linear flow and characteristics.

Servo valve BD15AAANB10 can be used together with servo amplifier or motion controller to provide accurate control for rotary or linear actuators.

characteristic of  Servo valve BD15AAANB10

• Rugged, reliable, trouble free performance

• Low pollution sensitivity

• Linear flow gain characteristics

• Intrinsically safe version available

• Explosion proof type available

BD15AAANB10 torque motor servo valve

technical parameter of BD15AAANB10 servo valve

Amps: 60 (Standard)

Flow efficiency (GPM): 10

Pressure range: 2600 - 3000

Electrical connection: C2B (Standard)

Sealing material: Nickel

Option: Standard Valve

Size: S04

Valve type: servo valve

Resistance: 60 Ω

Flow rate: 37.9 L/min

Operating temperature: - 1~+82 ° C

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