LY-15/25W-10 Turbine Lube oil filter element

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 LY-15/25W-10 Turbine Lube oil filter element

The Filter element LY-15/25W is installed in the oil filter of the lubricating oil system to remove impurities in the oil in the filter.

The cleanliness of lubricating oil system oil is directly related to the safe operation of equipment in the system. The filter element LY-15/25W can effectively filter the mechanical impurities in the lubricating oil, and has the advantages of high filtering accuracy, large dirt holding capacity, and good sealing performance.

LY-15/25W-10 Turbine Lube oil filter element

Main parameters of filter element LY-15/25W

Material: stainless steel

Filter element type: folding

Performance: acid and alkali resistance

Filter medium: oil

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