Applications of TP33B-30 Differential pressure switch

Date:2017/9/21 10:14:23 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Applications of TP33B-30 Differential pressure switch

 Differential pressure switch TP33B-30 can be used to sense the pressure difference, vacuum, overpressure, air flow difference and other parameters of non corrosive gas in the pipeline.

General applications of TP33B-30 Differential pressure switch  include:

Monitoring filter screen blocking alarm device

Fan operation status monitoring

Gas monitoring in ventilation duct

Control of maximum airflow in variable gas volume systems

Gas control in combustion furnace

technical parameter of TP33B-30 Differential pressure switch

Measuring range: TP33B-30:30Pa~300Pa

Maximum medium pressure: 5000Pa

Working temperature: - 15C~-+60C

Protection grade: IP54

Output contact capacity: 1.5A/0.5A 250VAC

Weight: 100g

Overall dimensions: φ 81*53mmTP33B-30 Differential pressure switch

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