SPB424BXCC General waterproof single pole double throw Pressure switch

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SPB424BXCC General waterproof single pole double throw Pressure switch

The pressure switch SPB424BXCC is a universal waterproof single pole double throw microswitch, which uses nitrile rubber sealing material. The maximum medium temperature is - 18 to 65 íŠ. The measuring principle is that the sealing diaphragm drives the piston to act, and the piston pushes the ejector rod to achieve the purpose of controlling the system.

The connection position of the pressure switch SPB424BXCC is set at the bottom, which can be directly installed, convenient and simple. The pressure interface is made of 316 stainless steel, the shell is made of aluminum alloy, the black epoxy resin coating material, the accuracy is 1.0% of the full range, the allowable ambient temperature is - 25 to 60 íŠ, and the storage temperature is - 40 to 60 íŠ. It is widely used in petrochemical, mechanical equipment, and electrical energy equipment.

pressure switch SPB424BXCC


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