ZD.04.003 Cellulose precision filter element

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ZD.04.003 Cellulose precision filter element

The Cellulose precision filter element ZD.04.003 is an accessory used in the fire resistant oil regeneration device system of the power plant to filter impurities and protect the operation of the system.

TheCellulose precision filter element ZD.04.003 is installed in the fiber filter to remove the metal particles caused by the wear of the elements and the rubber impurities caused by the wear of the seals in the EH oil regeneration device.

Cellulose precision filter element ZD.04.003 is refined from stainless steel framework, stainless steel end cover, imported filter material and imported filler. The filter material is made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh. The corrugated filter element made of it has high porosity, large filtering area, strong ability to absorb pollutants and strong reusability.

ZD.04.003 Cellulose precision filter element

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