Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01 power plant steam turbine use

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 The Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01 is a variable reluctance sensor, consisting of a coil, iron core, and armature. The iron core and armature are made of magnetic conductive materials such as silicon steel or permalloy, and have a high weak magnetic field permeability. The Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01 has a simple structure, is more reliable than potentiometers, has a longer lifespan, high sensitivity and resolution, can measure mechanical displacement of 0.01um, and can amplify signal output. During actual maintenance operations, it is also necessary to strengthen the installation and maintenance of the unit protection instrument Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01 to ensure effective monitoring of the unit's operation.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:


#DF-Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01-DF

digital speedometer HZQW-03A

Surface Thermometer WTY-402

rtd probe WZPK-24 φ6

Type K Thermocouple Cartridge TE-305

5000 rpm torque sensor CS-1(G-090-03-01)

sensor rpm PU/OS1-4

Resistance Thermometers WRNR2-12

wzp pt100 WZRK-135 Φ5

inductive displacement sensor HL-3-300-15

Surface Thermocouple WRNK2-331

lvdt linear position sensor LVDT-450-3

displacement inductive sensor HL-3-350-15

thermal resistance WZPK2-380B φ8

LVDT Displacement Sensors

lvdt-sensor A157.33.01.31

rpm meter gauge DM-11

lvdt displacement transducer B151.36.09G13

sensor de lvdt C9231124

wire pt100 WZPM2-201

lvdt displacement sensor 5000TDZ-A

Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor DET600A

lvdt 0-300 4000TDGN-30-01-01

Gear speed sensor CS-3F-M16*1-L20

Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor B151.36.09.04-012

shaft rotation sensor CS-3-M18-L60

lvdt-sensor LVDT-450-6

pt100 sensor WZPK2-380B

pressure switch black 849331-SGLGY7

angular displacement sensor TDZ-1E-024

Power Supply TM900-G00

k type thermocouple 1200 degree WRN-330

lvdt-sensor A157.33.42.03

thermal contact resistance WZPM2-08-67.5-M18-B

wzp pt100 WZP

speed sensor cost ZS-04-180-5000

TC Sensor WRNK2-291

Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01


Magnetic Sensors 143.35.19

rpm sensor PRA-BOX

rpm sensor QBJ-CS-1 L=75

displacement sensor 2000TDZ-A

LVDT Measurement 3000TD

M6 thread WRNK2

RPM Sensor magnetic SEC-143.35.19

Magnetic Proximity Sensors ZS-02 L=75

k-type thermocouple WRN2-4312

thermocouple WRNR2-12

3 Wire RTD Sensor WZPM2-001

Shaft (Rpm) Indicator-Tachometer 

unit of thermal resistance WZPK2-338S

industrial displacement sensor ZDET-350B

Shaft Rotation Speed Sensors 143.35.39

rotational speed sensor DF6101-005-065-01-09-00-00

lvdt displacement transducer TDZ-1C-44

rotational speed sensor CS-1


speed sensor cost ZS-01

Pressure Switch RC0126NZ097Z

angular displacement sensor FRD.WJA2.308

displacement transducer DET500A

displacement sensor sany 5000TDGN

linear displacement sensor B151.36.09G08

LVDT Position Sensors A181.36.06G02

Platinum RTD Sensor WZPM2-08-78-M18-S

Thermal Resistance WZPK2-395

transmission temperature gauge WTZK-50C

lvdt full form HTD-250-3

lvdt sensor TDZ-FRD-301

Resistance thermometer WZPM2-201T

angular displacement sensor TDZ-1E-05

LVDT Position Sensors TDZ-1-02

LVDT Position Sensors ZDET-600B

level meter MIK-P261/400-0651-315

Rotation Speed Probe G-100-02-01