The main function of radial bearing DTYD100UZ021

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 The radial bearing DTYD100UZ021 ensures that the rotor can remain in the middle position relative to the guide vanes and cylinder, thereby avoiding excessive or insufficient radial clearance between the rotor and the stationary part, which may affect the normal operation of the rotor. Maintaining the position relationship between the rotor center and the cylinder center: By bearing the static and dynamic loads of the rotor, it is crucial to ensure the correct position relationship between the rotor rotation center and the cylinder center, which is crucial for the stability of the rotor system.


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#DF-Radial bearing DTYD100UZ021-DF

centrifugal pump vertical IS80-50-200

Wear plate 200MG21.11.09.72

metering piston pump PV29 2RID CO2

pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-915mm-C

Loading cylinder seals 20MG20.11.14.01ATS

roots vacuum pump P-1764-1

oil pump PVH74QIPRM-IS

Joint CSHM 1/4NPT

multi stage centrifugal pump 65-250

wet solenoid directional valve 4WE6E6X/EW220-50NZ4/V

piston plunger pump A10VS0100DRS/32R-VPB12N00

Lubrication Oil Pump 100AY120

fuel pump 80AYZ-70

electric motor centrifugal water pump DFBII100-80-230

Plunger pump A10VS0-100DR-31R-PPA12N0

pressure hose SMS-10/N1/4-2438mm-C

movable joint dilation band DTYD30UI006

three screw pump NM063BT01L06V

manual vacuum pump 30-WS-COML

electric hydraulic oil power pump 40AY35X8

oil pump 65AYP50X7

axial piston pump PVH74ROIA-RSM-IS-10-C25-3

pressure hose S110-AC-FB-0040

industrial centrifugal pump DFB100-80-250-14

AST/OPC solenoid valve coil CCP115M 19W 115VDC

hydraulic pump parts 65AY100B


vertical centrifugal pump DFB80-50-220

pump coupling HSNS440-46

Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve SCG551A002MS

centrifugal pump parts YCZ50-250C

AST/OPC solenoid valve 0508.919T0301.AW027

balance valve (exciter end) 19C1964H01H01

vane type pump F3-V10-IS6S-1C-20

reducer 30-WS

accumulator bladdersealing set SB330-50A1/112A9-330A

Radial bearing DTYD100UZ021


pump screw 3GR30*4

BFP AC oil pump mechanical seal 70LY-34

centrifugal pump suction DFB80-80-220-03

servo valve S15FOFA4VBLN

screw pump manufacturer NM031BY01L06B

sealing ring HB4-56J8-119

dc screw pump 3GR50*4A

axial piston variable pump PD060PC02SRS5AC00E1200000

electric pump for lubrication PV29 2R50 000

hydraulic piston pump spare parts 25LY-23-4

Proportional valve AGMZO-TERS-PS-10/210/I

pressure hose S100-AC-FA-0250

hydraulic vane pump F3-V10-1S6S-1C-20

Double Thermal Resistance Thermometer U236D00(DY)

impeller pump 50-250-007

liquid ring vacuum pump P-2332

relief valve F3-CG2V-6FW-10

mechanical seal types 108-45

check washer JB/ZQ4347-86 30*70

sealing ring HB4-56J8-101

single screw pump 3GR42*4A

main bearing sealing set UG13832

metering piston pump A10VS0100DR/31R-PPA12NOO

sealing ring HB4-56J8-70

gear oil transfer pump DLZB820-R65-19

vane pumps F3-V10-1S4S-1B20

pressure hose S100-AC-AC-0600 (G1/4)

Servo valve SM4-20(15)-80/40-10-S182

gear oil transfer pump SDH125-100-200

shaft seal mechanical BKM79.4143A

solenoid valve DG4V-5-2BJ-MU-H6-20

Medium-speed pulverizer top block 300MG43.11.13.97

fuel pump 3GR25*4W2

sealing ring HB4-56J8-153

o-ring 258X5.3

globe throttle check valve LJC65C-4.0P

Radial bearing DTYD100UZ021