The principle of the cushion for PUMP ALD320-20X2

Date:2024/2/23 16:24:06 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 The cushion for PUMP ALD320-20X2 is a very important component of the coupling, which plays a role in transmitting torque, reducing vibration, reducing noise, alleviating shaft deviation, and extending bearing life.

The principle of the cushion for PUMP ALD320-20X2 is to achieve shock absorption, noise reduction, and other effects through elastic deformation. When the coupling is subjected to torque or centrifugal force, the plum blossom pad will undergo a certain degree of elastic deformation within the elastic limit range due to its special structure, thereby absorbing and dispersing these forces.
The cushion for PUMP ALD320-20X2 is generally made of metal materials or rubber materials. Different plum blossom pad materials and structures are selected according to different working conditions and needs to achieve the best effect.
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cushion for PUMP ALD320-20X2