Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G hydraulic piston pump repair

Date:2024/2/23 16:06:35 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 The Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G is composed of materials such as fluororubber and steel frame, characterized by oil resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Improper selection of the skeleton oil seal can cause early leakage, and improper assembly can also lead to leakage. Imitation products on the market do not meet the required service life, resulting in symptoms such as lip softening, swelling, hardening, cracking, and rubber aging.

The Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G is mainly equipped with PVH series oil pumps produced by VICKERS. When replacing the skeleton oil seal, pay attention to checking the inner wall for debris, scratches, dust, and casting sand. Tools should be used to smoothly push the skeleton oil seal into the housing seat hole.
Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:
#DF-Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G-DF
pressure hose S100-AC-FA-0400
coupling & cushion PVM098
mechanical shaft seal 24SAP-28
regulating valve LWH-ZG2.5
dongfang generator self-lock nut 10T-182-08B
oil transfer electric pump NSNH280-26
EH oil Circulating pump bearing F3-V10-1S6S-1C20
high pressure hydraulic pump power pack station 125LY-23-4
three screw pump DLZB820-R64A-13
coupling types PVH74QIC-RF-1S-10-C25-31 057
centrifugal pumps head DFB125-80-260-01
piston plunger pump PVP76368R2MVP10
relief valve 98H 1.5"
three screw pump 3GR25X4
centrifugal pump -50-250
electric transfer oil pump NSNH210-36
manual vacuum pump P-1259
Proportional valve coil DKZOR-TE-171-S540/PE
piston pump parts 25MCY14-1B
accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-L
Mechanical seal 104-35
pressure hose SMS-12-1524mm-C
ac vacuum pump P-2412
radial piston pump PV29-2R50-000
pressure hose SMS-12/15-305mm-C
accumulator oil-feeding globe valve DN25
pressure hose SMS-10-2438-C
piston hydraulic pump PV29/-2R5D-F00
300MW turbine AC lube pump impeller 125LY-35-4
Wear plate 20MG40.11.09.72J
roots vacuum pump 2S-185
centrifugal pump suction LK45/CZ65-250-4
centrifugal pump impeller 50-250
relief valve DBDS10P10B/300
Rotary separator O-ring seal 20MG30.11.15X-3
Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G
Fire-resistant Fluid Pump 16016CH1-5013
300MW turbine DC Emergency pump motor coupling 125LY-23-4
multi stage centrifugal pump ISG150-160
fuel pump DLZB820-R64A-8
Grinding roller sealing ring 300MG31.11.09-54
multistage centrifugal pumps KQW100/200-22/2
metering piston pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A
vacuum hand pump 125LY-32-B
DEH servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A
radial piston pump hydraulic PVHD74R01AA10A250000001ABO1OA
globe valve 65FWJ1.6P
Ipsv valve stem ring E1-T2-M4172004
electric oil transfer pump HSNH280-52
Seal air ring 20MG30.11.09.95
rubber coupling HSNS210-54NZ
Throttling hole board YZD33LG-3
electric hydraulic oil power pump 125LY-215-2
vacuum oil pump P1725B
sealing ring HB4-56J8-177
solenoid valve 4WE6D6X/EG110N9K4/V
mechanical seal types 021-M43K/125-00
Upper pull rod MG.S.GZ.17.98(G)
screw pump manufacturer 3Gr30×4
chemical centrifugal pump DFB125-125-250
oil pump gasket 150LY-32-B
generator self-lock nut 10T-182-08B
solenoid valve DSL104MV240LC67
sealing ring HB4-56J8-58
unloading valve CVC-16-A
vacuum pump 30-WS
centrifugal pump parts YCZ50-250
solenoid valve HQ 16.09Z
high pressure centrifugal pump YNKN300/200-20Y/J
hydraulic jack pump 50YW32-250A
Casing anti-wear guard 20MG00.
oil station globe check valve J20C-1.6P
Skeleton oil seal TCM589332-00G