yoyik Separation Filter element LH03300D20BN3HC Air Filter Cartridge Element

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 The lubricating oil system is mainly composed of main oil pump, oil cooler, oil injector, jacking oil system, smoke exhaust system, main oil tank of container oil tank), replacement of lubricating oil pump with oil pump, standby sealing oil pump, filter screen, electric heater, valve, check valve and various monitoring instruments.

The lubricating oil system has a filter screen type oil filter, which is installed at the bottom of the oil return tank in the oil tank. The filter screen is cylindrical, which is composed of filter screen and metal grid with holes. It is embedded in the opening cut at the bottom of the tank. The return oil flows through the oil filter by gravity, and flows into the oil tank from the side and bottom of the oil filter. There is a handle on the top of the oil filter. During maintenance, the filter screen can be taken out through the inspection port for cleaning or replacement. However, it is not allowed to pull out the filter screen during the operation of the unit.
Filter element LH03300D20BN3HC
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