CCP230M AST Solenoid valve for Steam Turbine DEH control

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CCP230M AST Solenoid valve for Steam Turbine DEH control


When AST solenoid valves are in normal operation, they are energized and closed by excitation, thus closing the anti-fuel drain channel on the automatic shutdown emergency interrupt (AST) main pipe, so that the oil pressure in the lower cavity of the piston of all steam valve actuators can be established . When the solenoid valve is de-energized and opened, the main pipe will drain oil, causing all steam valves to close and the turbine to stop. AST solenoid valves are arranged in series and parallel, so there are multiple protections. At least one solenoid valve in each channel must be open to cause shutdown. At the same time, the reliability is improved. Any one of the four AST solenoid valves is damaged or refused to operate, and it will not cause downtime.


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#DF-servo valve 072-1202-10-DF

jacking oil pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A

Fluoro Rubber O-Ring ORO250023

pressure hose SMS-12/15-3048-B

jacking oil pump A3H37-F-R-01KK-10

pressure hose SMS-12/20-1524mm-C

Mechanical seal HZB200-H75/60-G115-00

Shutoff valve SR6MMV

solenoid valve RV5-10-0-35

HP accumulator bladder NXQA-10/31.5-L-A

sealing ring HB4-56J8-61

AST solenoid valve 

solenoid valve 4WE6061/EG24N24

solenoid valve coil 02-178117

Emergency pump bearing HSNH210-54

Quick Exhaust valve JAQ2000-02

Mechanical seal of water pump DFB80-80-240

Pump, for generator stator cooling corrotion resistant centrifugal pump YCZ50-250C

DEH system Circulating oil pump F3-V10-IS6S-1C-20

Adapter plate F002JAN007D151

SEAL KIT A-40/31.5-L-EH

gasket Oil-Resistance rubber

AST solenoid valve Z2805013 AC110

pressure hose SMS-10/12-3048mm-B

pressure hose SMS-15-610mm-B

Governor O-ring DH00.006

Bladder NXQ A-40/31.5-L-EH

300MW turbine main oil pump motor coupling 70LY-34*2

coupling cushion 30-WS


servo valve ZD.01.003

Bladder NXQ A-40/31.5-L-EH